Wednesday February 10, 2016

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"We stand behind our products, because we also stand in front of them."

Thank you for coming to Darkwood Armory's website. We build some of the most durable theatrical,  SCA*, and WMA** reproduction blunt rapiers and swords in the United States, and we can ship all over the world. They are designed for use as blunted practice weapons, not just for wallhangers! We also carry many  accoutrements to make your practice safer and more authentic.

*SCA - Society for Creative Anachronism, see for more information.   **WMA - Western Martial Arts, see the Wikipedia  for more explanation.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  2016, bring it on!

  • we have our new Rust Erasing Blocks all over the website! They are solid blocks of medium-grit material so you can get a good scrub on those discolored or rusty areas. Take a peek here.

  • ~ (ignore the "NEW PRODUCTS" on the left. We haven't worked out how to fix the SQL error yet. We are updating the website for 2016 anyway, so we are leaving this one scruffy until the Big Unveiling!)

  • ~ Link directly to our In-Stock pages and check frequently for updates~ though right now they are kind of empty, you guys cleaned us out for Christmas! LW       

please call or email us if you want gift certificates or start a wedding registry.  

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! (admittedly we don't say much, but occasionally we will announce a new look, a sale, or an event at the last moment.)

We hope to be at the following events in 2015

  • March 2016 - SCA Gulf War - Lumberton, TX  see the event information  here
  • May 2016 - SCA Steppes Warlord, Canton TX  see the event info  here but it isn't updated yet
  • June 17-27, 2016 - SCA 50th Year Celebration, Danville IN (IF we get accepted as merchants!)  see the event info here
  • July 29-Aug 13 - SCA PENNSIC, Slippery Rock, PA

  • have an idea of where we should be in 2016? Email us at!

Thank you for being our customers!

Scott Wilson