Duke Brian is off to SCA Estrella War in Queen Creek, AZ all week, so many of the items I would normally have on the website have been turned off until he comes back with any remainders. Gorgets, in-stock items and such will end up first-come, first-served when I see what comes back in the van. He will be in Booth E4 this year - please come by and visit us!


Gift Certificates are on the website but we are still having issues with the whole "mailing them" thing. I will happily work with you online to get you a gift certificate on time. Email is usually best, and please put the date required in the Subject line so i can get to it in a timely manner. ~LW

THANK YOU for being supportive of us in 2017 - we are adding quite a few events and would like to hear from you on recommendations. Please email us at sales @ darkwoodarmory . com (minus the spaces) for suggestions!

Calendar dates for now:

~ Feb 20-26, 2018 - SCA Estrella War, Queen Creek, AZ information here

~ March 10-18, 2018 - SCA Gulf War, Lumberton MS more information here 

~ July - Aug 2018 SCA Pennsic War, still waiting for information 

Sept 1-2, 2018 - SCA Known World Academy of the Rapier and Known World Armored Combat Collegium,  Stoughton WI  preliminary information here

Parts and Supplies

Pommels, blades, handles and other parts for swords, daggers, armor and crossbows