The Clovers Only piercing pattern is very light and we use it on the Double Ring Closed Port hilt a lot. It is lighter than many but dents with a hard hit.  

Stars and Clovers is a very open piercework that lightens Pappenheimer hilts considerably, but does not put up well with hard hits or repeated blows.  

Stars and Crosses is a very open, striking period piercework style that lightens the Pappenheimer hilts moderately, but does not offer the same stiffness - it dents with hard blows or repeated hits.  

The Ring in Ring style of piercework looks light but really doesn't pull off a lot of weight. The close-knit holes withstand hard hits better than many.

Cross Bottany is an overall blanket of crosses with little leaves in the ends of each cross. It is quite strong but is a teeny bit heavier than Stars and Crosses. This is shown on a dagger plate; sorry for the poor picture.