Gloves Sizing Chart 

measure around your palm for general sizing. 
If you are concerned about the fit of the fighting weight gloves being small, go UP one size. 
If you are worried about a pair of super-soft gloves fitting properly, go DOWN one size - they stretch a lot, especially if you put leather conditioner (Vaseline or some such) on your hands before you wear them the first couple of times. 

Extra-Extra Small - 5.5 in / 13cm
Extra Small - 6 in / 15cm
Small -  6.5 in / 17cm
Medium -  7.5 in / 19cm
Large -  8.5 in / 21cm
Extra Large - 9.5 in / 23cm
Extra-Extra Large - 10 in / 25 cm

Mask Sizing Chart

Under 21"21"-23"
24"-25"26"-28"Over 28"

Measured under your chin past your ears to the top of your head and back down; or as Erika said to make it clearer, "up one side of the head and down the other".  Please measure your head with your hood or head covering ON.