Spanish Destreza Training Sword

Spanish Destreza Training Sword

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We developed this sword in conjunction with the Sacramento Sword School to be a high quality but inexpensive training weapon for the study of Destreza. It has a unique 37" blade made so that the balance and handling is maintained while the foible is flexible.

The blade is a flat style with a reduced section 1/3 down from the hilt. This gives the blade a heavier forte while allowing the blade to have sufficient flex in the foible. The edges are rounded to maintain long life.

The hilt is a simple two post style with a simple half ring inner guard. The guard is finished to our economy finish to keep the price affordable. The matte black plastic wood-grained handle will not split. We can make LEFT-handed swords but you have to tell us to make it (the one pictured is a RIGHT handed sword - the ring is inside and the posts are the decorative outside guard).
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  • Carl Fryday - 09 Feb 2014

    The one I have played with was a bit more flexible in the cut than I prefer. It is very strong in the mezzo and forte. It has good balance and...

  • Philipp Selman - 11 Feb 2014

    After spending a couple of days putting this rig through its paces, I have to say that this isn't just a marvelous Destreza trainer, it's a fantastic...

  • Dmitry Korovkin - 18 Dec 2014

    After about a year of using Destreza, I'd like to say this: - Sword is well balanced and feels very well in hand. - Blade itself is quite robust and...