Fighting Weight Leather Gloves

Fighting Weight Leather Gloves

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These gloves are made from a high quality fighting weight cow leather. They break in well after a time, getting soft and pliable for a good grip but still providing plenty of protection in a material that lasts a long time. They stretch to form-fit over the knuckles, so if you are worried that your size falls in between, try the smaller size first. (We'll trade if it's not the right size).

and colors White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Froggy Green (very limited), Brown, and Black.
Some of the colors leak a little onto your hands for the first few wears - the red is the worst culprit. I specifically ordered a red that didn't leak, and it is more of a brick red than a bright red. (The brick red is in Large, Extra Large, and Extra Small.)

Also, some of the new Yellow and Blue gloves are made of very heavy leather; some might think it's too heavy to wear. They eventually break in and last indefinitely, though.

Sizing: measure around your palm for general sizing
Extra Small - 6in / 15cm
Small -- 6.5 in / 17cm
Medium -- 7.5 in / 19cm
Large -- 8.5 in / 21cm
Extra Large -- 9.5 in / 23cm
Extra Extra Large -- 10 in / 25 cm In BLACK and BROWN only
  • Model: GLV-HEAVY
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  • Alfred Pereyra - 13 Oct 2010

    Can't say enough about these fighting gloves. Breaking time is at a minimum. ...and they feel real good. Alfred P. New York

  • Michael Jarvis - 30 Sep 2012

    Excellent gloves, after a while you dont even notice you are wearing them.

  • Paul Bengtsson - 29 Jan 2013

    Probably as good protection as you would get from unpadded gloves, short breaking time and hardly noticeable when you are used to them. The whites...