Rapier Tips (Blunts)

Rapier Tips (Blunts)

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These are slotted tips that are made to work by friction.
The hitting end is 3/4" with the da logo; the large hole width is 3/8" and the small hole width is 1/4".
They do not have metal in the ends. Tips must fit very tightly to function properly. If the slides easily onto the blade end, then put a layer of tape or thin leather on the end of the blade until the tip is difficult to get on. This prevents the blade from piercing the end of the tip. Failure to ensure a tight fit will result in premature failure of the tip. Even the Large tips are too small to fit the Sidesword, Broadsword and Longsword blades, though. You'll have to construct one to fit your group's requirements. 

If you are in the SCA, please check to see if your Kingdom allows our tips. East, Aethelmearc**, Ealdormere, and Avacal requirements are different. Talk to your marshal.

Mounting suggestion: wedge the tip onto the end of the blade, then turn the tip toward the ground and grasp the blade 2" from the tip. Pushing square against the ground, ease the blade into the tip.  It's a whole lot easier than shoving the tip onto the blade with your hands. You can also pound them on with a mallet, but be careful not to go all the way through the rubber end on the tip. 

Available in a mixed bag of large and small holes, or in a full bag of 5 large or 5 small.

In colors  Red, Black, Purple, Yellow, Dark Blue (I still have some Large Hole tips in pale blue and medium blue) and Green (two greens, pale froggy (pictured) and darker bright green ).  Just ask and I'll try to get you the blue or green color you want. 

If you write it in the Notes section,  we can also mix and match any color combination and any hole-size in a bag. (For example, "I need 2 yellow Large, 2 blue Large, and one red Small, thanks" ).
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  • Adam Crown - 14 Jul 2010

    Okay. I like these a LOT. No more wads of duct tape on the points of the weapons? I could kiss you. Adam Adrian Crown, Maitre d'Armes In Ferro...

  • Angus Anderson - 14 Aug 2012

    These tips fit on very tightly, are a nice low profile and do a great job mitigating thrusting impact. However, they are very fragile along the edge...

  • Paul Bengtsson - 29 Jan 2013

    Well-functioning and probably as discreet as you will get them. I got friends that have complained about the tips wearing out fast, myself I haven't...