Common Ring Hilt

Common Ring Hilt

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The ring hilts were a precursor to the cup hilts. AVBN  68 They are found in the early 17th century and are seen in a wide variation. Rings number from 4 to 9, with the larger number having very thin bars unsuited to practice weapons. The front rings are universally closed. Our ring hilt has 3 rings and a closed front plate. The outer ring is supported by a loop guard to the knucklebow and to the rear quillon.

The ring hilt, like the Pappenheimers, tends to be a bit heavier than the swept hilts and weighs about 2.2 lbs when mounted with a practice rapier blade at 42".
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  • Michael Freeman - 07 May 2009

    I bought a ring hilt rapier from Darkwood way back in 2004. I have used it very hard. It has held up fantastically!!! It has covered my hand well,...

  • Michael Freeman - 27 Jan 2014

    Well, it's 2014. This ring hilt has been my favorite for 10 years now. It has been beaten up, pounded on, used for various styles, and generally...

  • Jessica Barnhill - 15 Jan 2015

    I purchased my 3 ring swept hilt in 1993 and I love it! I replaced the blade four years ago, only because I wanted a longer blade. This sword has...