Monday May 30, 2016

Economy hilt rapier

Starting at: $300.00

The economy hilt is our answer to those who are starting out and want a well-built practice sword to fence with while they determine what style they want to do and what sword they really want. We don't spend time finishing these hilts like we do the more historically accurate ones; they are rough and unevenly colored, but feel free to put in your own elbow grease - they shine up as well as anything else we make, as they are of the same high-quality steel.

We have 4 versions of the rapier, all mounting a 42" Darkwood practice rapier blade by default (that means 40" of blade in front of the hilt).

We have a Pappenheimer (with a new piercework design for 2014!), a Shell hilt, and a Dish hilt; for those who don't want to get too reliant on a closed front hilt, we also have a Ring hilt. There are no options to change piercework styles or quillions on these hilts.

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