Shell Hilt Pappenheimer

Shell Hilt Pappenheimer

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This ambidextrous Pappenheimer style hilt is light, has a clean look, and lots of hand coverage. It is a variant of AVBN 64 with cockleshells for the first filled side ring and no extra supporting bars for the outside ring.

The shells are solidly welded on the inside but look as though they have been bolted on, as most late-period Bilbos and Pappenheimers would have been made.
  • Model: ShellPapp
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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 14 December, 2010.

  • Matteo Udina - 28 Feb 2012

    First of all I must say that I bought the rapier without blade. I had a spare Del Tin blade at home but I really liked the style of this hilt so I...

  • Paul Bengtsson - 29 Jan 2013

    I bought the Shell Hilt Pappenheimer and the Shell Hilt dagger to match, and they are a very beautiful couple. Although there was some initial...

  • Raymond Wang - 30 Mar 2013

    I got this December 2012 as my first practice rapier based on recommendations from my fellow fencers and instructors. Since then I have subjected the...