2 Port Cross

2 Port Cross

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The 2 Port Cross hilt is one of the earliest complex hilts. It consists of a small port at the arms and another port connecting to the root of both quillons. The inner guard was commonly a cross, but can also be found as a two- or three-bar sweep later in history.

At the beginning of the 16th century, this hilt is most often found with a blade more suited to cutting, but as time progressed a narrower, more rapier like blade was seen on this hilt. 

Ours comes standard with a sidesword (DA4SS) blade, wooden handle and your choice of pommel.
  • Model: 2port
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  • GERALD SIMMONS - 26 Nov 2013

    This sword is just brilliantly fantastic. I have used it in a practice melee and single combat. The tip of the sword is quick and responsive with the...

  • Bruce Bufkin - 26 Nov 2013

    I have just purchased several products from Darkwood. Love them all but this is my favorite so far. Several others played with them at the recent...