Rapier Pommels

Rapier Pommels

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We have a variety of pommels, all in large size for rapiers. The matching dagger pommels can be found in the Dagger section. These can also be blacked to match existing furniture. All our pommels are threaded  6x1M unless otherwise specified or requested.

Acorn - A pleasing shape that is lighter-weight. (261g / 8.7oz)
Cup Hilt - light, good on Spanish cup-hilted rapiers. (220g / 7.3oz)
Cylindrical - our first pommel, classic shape, also the heaviest. (310g / 10.3oz)
Round - another standard. Looks great with flutes too. (280g / 9.3oz)  
Scent Stopper - the longest pommel but not the heaviest. (300g / 10 oz) 
Small Barrel - very light, low profile. (215g / 7.2oz)
we also have a Large Barrel pommel but i haven't weighed or taken a picture of it yet. It's very bulbous and heavy but short. 

NEW!  For flatter swords, these flat pommels bolt through to the tang using a 3/8" hex wrench. They are right for the Espada Ropera, Destreza, Arms and Sidering, and Arms and Post sidesword types. The large pommels are all about 1.75" across and 1.75" in height.
Flat wheel pommel  (295g /9.9 oz with pommel nut)
Octagonal pommel (220 g / 7.5 oz with pommel nut)
Square pommel (250g / 8.8 oz with pommel nut)

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  • Thomas Becker - 10 Jun 2011

    Lovely pommel. I bought the Acorn pommel for my Hanwei Practical 42" and it fits perfectly. This pommel brings the point of balance back to the end...

  • Philipp Selman - 07 Mar 2013

    I'm absolutely enamored by the Scent Stopper pommel I picked up for my Darkwood rig. The added length makes a standard handle fit perfectly in my...