Blocking dagger (Reaver dagger)

Blocking dagger (Reaver dagger)

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The blocking dagger is modeled directly after one in the Castle Museum in York, England. We worked directly from our pictures on this one. The original has a big blade with a thick medial ride that would make the blade quite stiff, even if the edge was thin for cutting. Ours is flexible for fighting. George Silver suggests a blocking dagger as an option that was almost as good a companion to the sword as a buckler. DiGrassi is also depicted with one in his book.  It is mounted with a Darkwood DA8WF Wideflex dagger blade in 16" or 14".
Please choose which hand the dagger will be HELD in - if you're worried we'll get it wrong, write it again in the Notes section  ("I'm a right-handed fencer using it in the left hand", or the opposite). Better to be safe than sorry!
  • Model: reaver
  • Shipping Weight: 2.2lbs

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  • Rob Runacres - 25 Jun 2009

    I had been looking for a dagger that covered the knuckles, but did not like the main gauche hilt. The dagger had to take some battering and I wanted...

  • Aaron Chusid - 07 Dec 2013

    My wife got this for my birthday about 4 years ago, and it remains my favorite and most-used practice weapon. I'm left-handed, so technically I'm...