Spring Stainless Steel Gauntlets - Half Finger

Spring Stainless Steel Gauntlets - Half Finger

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These are extremely LIGHT and STRONG 19-gauge (0.04") heat treated spring stainless steel gauntlets in an early 15th Century Italian or English style. They weigh only 585g (1.4lbs) each - and that's WITH gloves and padding! The broad single plate across the knuckles protects the base of the fingers, but under the plate are articulated individual fingers wrapped in scales and padded with neoprene. This combination gives excellent protection for both WMA and SCA steel combat as well as SCA armored combat. The thumb grounds out against a grip or haft (such as rattan), but the fingertips do not. Grounding fingertips are an option available at no extra cost - please include your request to ground the Pinky and Index fingers in the Notes section if you want them (this option is GREAT for SCA armored fighting). Sliding rivet articulation in the wrist allows excellent flexibility and mobility. The stainless spring steel alloy is very rust resistant, but can rust under adverse conditions (as is the case with anything made of iron!). (Price is per pair) 

We currently offer only SMALL and MEDIUM size.
Sizing: measure around your palm for general sizing. If you find yourself between sizes, GO UP ONE SIZE or risk the gauntlet being too tight.

Small -- 6.5"-7" / 17cm  (2 pair available)
Medium -- 7.5'-8"/ 19cm  (4 pair available)

once they are gone, they are gone. 

  • Model: gauntlet- half finger
  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs

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  • Carl Fryday - 10 May 2017

    Beautiful work. I ordered mine with all-fingers grounding and they accommodated me, at a higher price as can be expected. The large wispy gaunlets...

  • Dmitry Korovkin - 13 Nov 2017

    Have been using gauntlets for about three years for both HEMA armoured and unarmoured fencing. Despite minor issues that are easy to fix, gauntlets...