Wisby Gauntlet

Wisby Gauntlet

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These are extremely flexible gauntlet in a style similar to the early 14th century finds at Wisby

They weigh under a pound and a half each - and that's WITH gloves and padding! The articulated individual fingers are of teh gadling style and padded with neoprene. This combination gives excellent protection for both WMA and SCA steel combat as well as SCA armored combat. The thumb and fingers grounds out against a grip or haft (such as rattan).

The stainless spring steel alloy is very rust resistant, but can rust under adverse conditions (as is the case with anything made of iron!). (Price is per pair) 

Sizing: measure around your palm for general sizing. If you find yourself between sizes, GO UP ONE SIZE or risk the gauntlet being too tight to function

Medium- 8"- 8.5" / 20cm
Large -- 8.5" - 9" / 21cm   
Extra Large -- 9.0" - 9.5"/ 22cm 
  • Model: Gauntlet- Wisby
  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs

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  • Carl Fryday - 10 May 2017

    I absolutely love my pair of these. They are well protective in all the forms of combat I use them in, including SCA C&T and Armoured Combat. I use...

  • Tyler Craig - 07 Feb 2018

    FOR ANYONE INVOLVED IN HEMA PLANNING ON USING THESE FOR FIGHTING WITH FEDERS AND SUCH: These are amazing. I'm involved with a group practicing mostly...

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