Early English Baskethilt

Early English Baskethilt

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English baskethilts appear fully formed about 1560 and continue on until modern times. Here we offer four variants to the English baskethilt. The first two are basically the same, the difference being the quillons either fully formed (EBI) or vestigial (EBII). Several other types of early baskets show both types of quillons, though (to my knowledge) there is no extant English hilt of this type with vestigial quillons. Both variants come with the typical saltire guards and hollow pommels, and can be purchased with either a broadsword (DA4BD) or backsword (DA4BA) blade. Please identify the type of quillon you would like in the Notes section; we are always happy to oblige the customer.
  • Model: EBI
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  • Michael Magallanes - 05 Apr 2010

    Of all my sowrds, the baskethilt is subjected to the most punishment. It is also my favorite blade. This well tempered piece of steel holds up to...