Welded Stainless Steel Maille Shirt

Welded Stainless Steel Maille Shirt

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MADE IN THE USA! This breathable stainless steel shirt can be worn under other clothing for excellent protection against cuts and thrusts. Because it is stainless, it should not discolor either you or your clothing. The individually welded rings are superior armor, and the air circulation is unmatched. Note: For SCA enthusiasts, this is drop-test legal armor!  However, we do suggest you wear a shirt OVER the mail to cover it; the "slip" of fabric over the mesh seems to keep rapier shots from "sticking" too hard and possibly breaking rings.
The wire diameter is 0.025"/0.62mm and the ring width is 0.210"/5.3mm.
Shirts hit just below the belt line on most people; Tunics are about 10" longer than the Shirt of equivalent size (so mid-thigh or even knee length).

See sizing chart below - and ADD 4"- 8" to your TORSO (around your chest) measurement for best fit. Maille doesn't stretch like a cotton shirt does!

   Shirt Size:  Med      Lg        XL        XXL
Arm Length     6"          8"          8"          10"
Torso Circum  45"       55"        60"         66"  did you add the extra???
App. Length    26"       34"        37"         40"          

I have NO MEDIUM SHIRTS but I do have one MEDIUM TUNIC.
I do not have XXL at thsi time either but I am ordering stock in Medium and XXL . 

Pricing Chart:
Medium Shirt $195           Medium Tunic $235
Large Shirt    $215           Large Tunic    $270
XL Shirt        $300           XL Tunic         $420
XXL Shirt      $395           XXL Tunic       $510

  • Model: MAIL - SHIRT
  • Shipping Weight: 5lbs

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 11 November, 2010.

  • Chris Stiso - 02 Feb 2012

    I ordered the Large Shirt. I use this shirt for SCA heavy rapier armor and, in terms of performance, this product exceeds my expectations. It...

  • Tom McKinnell - 25 Feb 2012

    Nice product, entirely as ordered, and gives me an interesting sense of confidence in my own safety. Better air circulation than the standard cloth...

  • Garry Hurley Jr - 02 Jul 2014

    I ordered the tunic and am happy I did. This will cover me mostly down to my thighs (If I lose a little pizza and ice cream weight from the middle,...