Fighting Weight Leather Gloves [GLV-HEAVY]

Fighting Weight Leather Gloves


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  • Alfred Pereyra - 13 Oct 2010

    Can't say enough about these fighting gloves. Breaking time is at a minimum. ...and they feel real good. Alfred P. New York

  • Michael Jarvis - 30 Sep 2012

    Excellent gloves, after a while you dont even notice you are wearing them.

  • Paul Bengtsson - 29 Jan 2013

    Probably as good protection as you would get from unpadded gloves, short breaking time and hardly noticeable when you are used to them. The whites obviously get dirty fast, but still looks great.

  • Rodney Hodgson - 11 May 2014

    I recently ordered a large number of these gloves for the members of my club which gave me a chance to give them a broad and detailed examination of the gloves. Short Version Buy these gloves, they're outstanding! Long Version Construction: The gloves are made from clear, evenly derived leather. No bad spots, thick/thin sections, blemishes or marks. The stitching is tight, solid and sturdy. The fitting of the individual pieces together is consistent and neat. I got one set of the 'heavy duty yellow' gloves and they are all that. Apart from a little extra breakin time, I'm looking forward to passing these things on to my grandkids. Fit: I had the chance to try on several gloves in the same size and different colours. I could not perceive a difference from one glove to the next -- consistently good from one to the next. We had everything from small through extra-large and the fit matched well with the sizing chart on the site. No surprises at all. The sizing seems to be for a male hand as the ladies found the finger stalls to be a little long. Not enough to cause concern, but noticeably different from the gents who found the finger-fit to be spot on. We were 10/10 on sizing. No need to take up Darkwood's kind return policy for a different size. Colour: The colours matched what is depicted in the picture-- no mean feat given the variation in monitor colour depth and hue. Everyone was quite pleased with the look of the gloves. So far the colours are quite fast and no one has suffered any bleed out. With the cool spring, training has not been dreadfully sweaty so IF there's going to be any colour bleed I would expect to see it as the temperature and humidity climb, but so far not a dot. Break in and wear: the gloves need a little time on to reach their full potential, but nothing beyond what one would expect from new leather gloves. We haven't had them long enough to comment on the lifetime durability, but one reason I went with these gloves is because a friend has a pair he's worn for years without appreciable degradation (other than being a little dingy from hard use)so I expect good things. Service: As anyone who has dealt with Darkwood already knows, the service was fast, courteous, exact and entirely professional. I couldn't ask for better. General: These gloves have instantly become my 'club standard' for non-padded gloves. I definitely will order again when I have another crop of students in need of gloves. R.T.Hodgson Broadsword Academy Kingston

  • Patrick Meyers - 14 May 2014

    At first I was hesitant to buy these gloves fearing that they would be too think and heavy to use. But that are quite nice. Prefect for fencing.

  • Colby Harris - 02 Nov 2017

    Very nice gloves for the fair price. They fit my hand perfectly, and they were very kind and cooperative when I had to send mine back for a size change. Great buy!