Economy hilt rapier [economy]

Economy hilt rapier


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  • Tirosh Shapira - 02 Jul 2014

    I bought DW's Economy hilt rapier (Pappenheimer style) about a month ago and here are my impressions: Pros: The sword is well built and is the best I could hope for in a $310 sword. The blade (DA2BR-42 inch) is amazing and seems like it will serve me well for a long time to come. In addition, and this is a personal preference, I kind of like the unpolished look of the hilt, especially on a training weapon. Cons: I found it difficult to keep the point on line with this one, compared to DW's Pappenheimer II I have previously used. The hand protection feels too far from the grip, compromising the great protection the Pappenheimer usually delivers plus moves a lot of the hilt's weight forward. Making the cup closer the the grip (accompanied by shortening the ricasso) might really help making this a truly formidable weapon. I wouldn't mind shorter (or S-shaped) quillons as well, as I feel they are creating a bit more centrifugal force then I want. Overall, a great weapon for the price, well built and great looking!

  • Tom Outwin - 21 May 2015

    I purchased a ring hilt with an upgraded blade and I can only echo what has been said by so many others, this weapon is a substantial value for the money. It is properly weighted for this slightly heavier blade and comes to the hand easily with a very similar feel to a three ring rapier Scott made for me previously. The weight does not that perceivable but when gaining an opponents blade, this trainer does more than an adequate job of it. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants a quality well built weapon

  • John McKelvy - 11 Jan 2016

    Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase. I use the Pappenheimer for SCA rapier (not C & T) fencing, and it does well in that role. I have the 42" blade, and despite being long-ish compared to the weapons of the folks I train with, it is still responsive. It balances a lot better than the very common Hanwei 37" bladed swords. My only criticism is that the threaded part of the tang is not aligned true to the rest of the tang - it's off by. . . I dunno. . . 8 degrees or so? Enough to notice visually because the maple handle did not align with the knuckle bow. This does not affect usability at all. I actually quite like the unpolished finish. I have a castille arming sword in their chrome finish, and it's a lot less serious looking than this weapon.

  • Airrion Scott - 09 Nov 2016

    I ordered the Ring-Hilt version of this, and I love it. Granted, I have my eye on a Two-Ring Flat Stock Swept, but as my rapier instructor was pressing for me to get my own weapon, this was more than a viable option! Well-balanced and solidly made, this item is an absolute steal! It arrived within 4 days of my ordering it, and a bit of attention with some fine-grit sandpaper and a rotary tool gave it a respectable finish. It performed wonderfully at my practice, and I would recommend your forge to anyone looking to get a solid, well-crafted weapon. *salutes*