Closed Port Swept [ClosedSwept]

Closed Port Swept


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  • John Harper - 15 May 2010

    Like a fine tool. High quality craftsmanship, great handling blade. I have one just like this, and love it. Everything from this shop, is top notch.

  • Erik Blank - 29 Jul 2010

    I bought one of the first copies of this pattern in early 2000 with an old Schlager blade (couldn't afford one of the prtactice rapiers at the time). It has stood up to abuse, maltreatment and a long period of indifference (Stored in a bag in a corner for over a year) and it still looks great. The guard has a few nicks from practice, but has not rusted despite the long storage in a humid area, and still impresses the friends and fencing students at the local club. With the extra heavy pommel I requested the blade blanaces nicely just in front of the closed port, making it light and easy to handle as a point weapon and also still maintains some control when used with a cutting action. Wonderful work. I love it!

  • Logan Nijensohn - 29 Oct 2016

    I've had my closed port swept for about two weeks now, and I've got to say it is an extremely well made sword! I ordered mine with a 42" bated blade with a fuller, and despite a little added weight it definitely helps with point control and general rigid-ness with the sword. As for the closed port, I chose ring in ring, and so far have received exactly ZERO hand shots from other fencers with whom I practice with. I am in love with this sword, and will definitely come back to Darkwood for future purchases. (Side note: their costumer service is simply OUTSTANDING. It is extremely refreshing to actually comunicate with someone over emails and get all the information you need for once. Thank you Darkwood!)