Arms and Sidering Sword [ARMSIDE]

Arms and Sidering Sword


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  • Patrick Dusablon - 26 Jul 2015

    I have just been able to take my sword, fitted with the 36 inch sidesword blade and a round pommel through its paces. In this configuration, it is extremely lively in the hand and has a very positive feel when it is in movement. The blade has a lot of presence and it moves with authority but it is not so heavy as to be hard to control, yet it has the mass and stiffness to feel like a very solid piece of equipment. In cutting play, its simple guard does not bind against the hand or the wrist, which is highly advantageous compared to complex hilts and whether thrusting or cutting, the blade-heavy balance does not impair the ability to deliver strikes with precision or to recover quickly. All in all, an excellent weapon and a very good purchase.

  • Charles Farris - 06 Oct 2015

    My Arms & Sidering Sword just arrived and it is perfect. The weapon fits well in my hand and even with the heavier sideword blade, the weight and balance are spot on.