Welded Stainless Steel Maille Shirt [MAIL - SHIRT]

Welded Stainless Steel Maille Shirt


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  • Chris Stiso - 02 Feb 2012

    I ordered the Large Shirt. I use this shirt for SCA heavy rapier armor and, in terms of performance, this product exceeds my expectations. It breathes and moves very well, better than my previous cloth armor on both accounts, and the added weight is hardly noticeable. Nor has it impeded my ability to feel valid cuts vs my cloth armor. My only complaint I have is that the overall length measurement was not accurate to what was listed on the site. My large shirt is, at most, 26" in length and wears at around 23-24" from my shoulder. This is not a problem, but had I known I would probably have ordered a tunic (for purely aesthetic reasons, as the shirt still covers all necessary areas for SCA rapier).

  • Tom McKinnell - 25 Feb 2012

    Nice product, entirely as ordered, and gives me an interesting sense of confidence in my own safety. Better air circulation than the standard cloth SCA rapier armours, and a good enough look that I could wear it as external gear if I should be wanting to go for a Border Horse look. A special shout out for customer service- postal services caused problems, and Darkwood replaced the missing things not once, but twice despite it being entirely a mail service problem, and really not their problem! Outstanding customer service, and products maintaining their customary, excellent, quality.

  • Garry Hurley Jr - 02 Jul 2014

    I ordered the tunic and am happy I did. This will cover me mostly down to my thighs (If I lose a little pizza and ice cream weight from the middle, maybe a little farther). This should be excellent protection for SCA fencing. Unfortunately, I bought it thinking I could use it for both fencing and heavy weapons. It does not look like it will resist blows from rattan combat by itself. Still, properly padded, and then covered with a steel (or plastic) breastplate or brigandine, it should perform well. It should make the transition between heavy and fencing very quick indeed. If you are just going to use this for fencing, it is fantastic. If you want heavy weapons protection, you will probably have to supplement it (or better yet, become very adept at blocking so you don't end up with broken ribs).

  • Simon Yoxall - 06 Mar 2016

    High quality, expected nothing less. Welded Stainless Steel Maille Shirt XL - true to sizing and it fits well. Used so far in both practice one on one and in melee at Estrella War (Arizona) where there were several others sporting this type of maille shirt. Recommend to anyone who wants to not have to wear all the layers of trigger or canvas.