That Guy's Gorgets [gorget]

That Guy's Gorgets


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  • Marleen Trabold - 05 Apr 2012

    This gorget is awesome, the leather doesn't pinch like normal metal ones do and it plain looks great. They work great and are definitely worth every penny.

  • Anthony Marcarelli - 14 Apr 2013

    Excellent gorget. Not only is it sturdy it's also extremely comfortable. I wore it for over three hours (over an undershirt and a t-shirt), drilled and sparred with/against longsword, sword and buckler, and Polish sabre and didn't even notice the gorget was there. Well worth the price. A big thumbs up to Darkwood Armory as well. My order was processed quickly and I received the gorget in only three days. The owner even recognized me as a new customer. I'm looking forward to doing business with Darkwood again.

  • Aaron Chusid - 07 Dec 2013

    Comfortable, secure & protective. The dye has rubbed off on some of my gear (I got the blue & silver), but mostly just the inside of my mask. I don't consider that a problem with the product.

  • Philipp Selman - 16 Apr 2014

    This is hands-down the very best gorget I've ever owned. I normally dread putting on a gorgetóI'm claustrophobic about having anything around my neckóbut That Guy's gorget is so comfortable, I don't even notice that I'm wearing it. The collar itself is covered in soft leather that offers the right amount of give, and the front and back are made of overlapping scales covered on both sides by malleable leather, so the move and conform to your body, but sill offer plenty of protection, even against extremely stiff shots. That fact that it looks spiffy is just an added bonus. The gorget buckles on both sides, offering a wide range of size adjustment, from very small to gargantuan. The only thing I wasn't as pleased as I could have been about are the nickel rivets, which do rust if you don't treat them, which is a hazard anyone who sweats as much as I do should be aware of. I've heard that's not as much of an issue with the brass-plated rivets though. Over all, I like my That Guy gorget so much I've recommended it to just about every fencer I've met since purchasing one.

  • Matthew Cecil - 28 Mar 2017

    A beatiful gorget that fit wonderfully and protected me very well. However, it is rather lacking in terms of durability. Within six months, mine popped a rivet holding one of the leather straps in place and separately had a leather strap break. Additionally, the rivets are really prone to rusting. Your mileage may vary if you treat yours more gently.