Rapier Tips (Blunts) [TIPS]

Rapier Tips (Blunts)


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  • Adam Crown - 14 Jul 2010

    Okay. I like these a LOT. No more wads of duct tape on the points of the weapons? I could kiss you. Adam Adrian Crown, Maitre d'Armes In Ferro Veritas www.classicalfencing.com

  • Angus Anderson - 14 Aug 2012

    These tips fit on very tightly, are a nice low profile and do a great job mitigating thrusting impact. However, they are very fragile along the edge of the blade, and quickly tear off doing anything but the most featherweight bouting. If the blade has corners on its tip and is not rounded, these protective tips tear during mounting, so make sure your blade has rounded corners before attempting to attach these blunts. I know you're not meant to use tape to hold these things on, but a strip of fibre tape around the tip parallel to the blade, and another perpendicular around the blunt and its intersection with the blade greatly increases the strength of the product, so it can be used for proper bouting. But without that reinforcing tape they are just too fragile for percussive impacts.

  • Paul Bengtsson - 29 Jan 2013

    Well-functioning and probably as discreet as you will get them. I got friends that have complained about the tips wearing out fast, myself I haven't had that problem and am well satisfied with the quality, and I really haven't been going light on them. I would not rely on them to stick to the blade by friction only though, no matter how tight it fits. But when you get the knack of mounting them with tape (takes a bit of testing but really isn't hard) they will function safely and properly as long as you check on them every now and then. Be sure to buy a bunch, just to be safe. In my experience the small hole width works best for DA-rapier blades.