Spring Stainless Steel Gauntlets - Half Finger [gauntlet- half finger]

Spring Stainless Steel Gauntlets - Half Finger
[gauntlet- half finger]


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  • Carl Fryday - 10 May 2017

    Beautiful work. I ordered mine with all-fingers grounding and they accommodated me, at a higher price as can be expected. The large wispy gaunlets fit me very well and I had hopes the same would be true with these. Unfortunately, they are a bit too tight across the knuckles when gripping a sword. Wrist rotation is bound along both axis a bit as well. This can be expected from standardized patterns to some degree, so no real complaints there. And, they probably would have made modifications if I'd asked, which I did not. Luckily, I'm well set for modifying my own arms and Armour. I much prefer thief wisby gauntlets, but they've stoped producing them. I've ordered a set of their hourglass gauntlets for my wife, in the hopes that they are a bit more forgiving with range of motion issues. Bottom line, for the price, I'd would have preferred better range of motion and fit.

  • Dmitry Korovkin - 13 Nov 2017

    Have been using gauntlets for about three years for both HEMA armoured and unarmoured fencing. Despite minor issues that are easy to fix, gauntlets never failed me.