3 Ring Swept Hilt I- Round Stock Rings [3RingsweptIround]

3 Ring Swept Hilt I- Round Stock Rings


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  • Roger Siggs - 02 Apr 2010

    I've had two of these made with flat bar stock for over a decade now- using them, on average, 3-4 days a week. In that time, they've seen almost every other blade come and go. Hands down Darkwood is the finest manufacturer of custom rapiers around- and the same goes for their sideswords and daggers, which I recommend and use for my classes locally and at seminars nationwide.

  • Patrick Theobald - 25 Feb 2013

    I purchased one of these at Estrella XXII. It has lasted me through three kingdoms, 8 years of fighting and is still going strong. You cant go wrong with this sword.