Blocking dagger (Reaver dagger) [reaver]

Blocking dagger (Reaver dagger)


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  • Rob Runacres - 25 Jun 2009

    I had been looking for a dagger that covered the knuckles, but did not like the main gauche hilt. The dagger had to take some battering and I wanted a longer blade than the normal 12” to 14”. The Reiver dagger seemed to fit and I had bought a sword from Scott the previous year, Darkwood being the preferred supplier for the School of the Sword. Scott was very quick to answer all my questions and I ended up ordering the dagger with an 18” Darkwood blade, a closed port and flared, forward facing quillions. I have used the dagger in rapier and dagger and sidesword and dagger exchanges, finding it to be light, quick in the hand and very strong, the blade and guard taking heavy blows. It’s a really lovely, ‘working’ piece and thoroughly recommended for anyone wanting a little more protection from a dagger.

  • Aaron Chusid - 07 Dec 2013

    My wife got this for my birthday about 4 years ago, and it remains my favorite and most-used practice weapon. I'm left-handed, so technically I'm using this backwards, but I love how the guard grips my hand snuggly without binding, and provides protection without excessive weight or reducing mobility. The standard blade is a bit short compared to many used in the SCA, but I like the length. It's sufficient for parrying, provides great leverage, and is incredible for in-fighting. I wouldn't want a longer blade on it. The guard...the guard calls out for punching. It really wants to pommel strike someone. I do not recommend doing this, though, without prior authorization. My favorite feature, though, are the quillions. They are slightly forward-swept and they bite - hard - on any blade that doesn't run away fast enough. Not bind; not trap...BITE. Meaning I can hold your sword in my dagger with complete security and release instantly when I'm ready without fear of damaging your blade. Overall construction is very solid. Mine has collected a series of scratches and nicks, but nothing beyond cosmetic. And considering how I use and abuse it, that's pretty impressive. Love this dagger. Only reason I would tell you not to get one is I don't want to give up the advantage it gives me!