Wisby Gauntlet [Gauntlet- Wisby]

Wisby Gauntlet
[Gauntlet- Wisby]


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  • Carl Fryday - 10 May 2017

    I absolutely love my pair of these. They are well protective in all the forms of combat I use them in, including SCA C&T and Armoured Combat. I use them for mass weapons, single sword, and spear. They a trim enough to fit all of my sword grips. The range of motion with these are the best of any gauntlet I've ever worn. We need to start a petition to have these remain on the product list. I can't say enough about these and the price is awesome. Too bad the last two sets are too big for me.

  • Tyler Craig - 07 Feb 2018

    FOR ANYONE INVOLVED IN HEMA PLANNING ON USING THESE FOR FIGHTING WITH FEDERS AND SUCH: These are amazing. I'm involved with a group practicing mostly Fiore's stuff. We do a long of very technical work with all sorts of different equipment. We also do a lot of practical application by sparring/fighting and the like. If this sounds like your group, do not be worried. I bought a pair of these recently and they are so great. I could not ask for almost anything better. You can tell by the way they wear that they are built well. They don't rattle around. They are flexible but protective at the wrists. Very adjustable and they allow for the formation of even guards that involve crossed wrists. Super protective overall. I've taken lots of hits and barely felt a thing. The finger tips wrap around the front of your fingers, which is super nice. Also, they are sexy. They look, feel and perform extraordinarily well. I'm obsessed with them. I'd wear them everywhere if it wasn't quite as strange for other people. I train with guys who have 200 dollar gauntlets that have been in shifting stages broken for months and months, constantly requiring more money and even more work to keep them up and running. I train with guys who use 400 dollar gauntlets that work well, but they rattle around and tend to let a lot of shots into your fingers and hands that you don't want in a fight, and also get bound up a lot. All of those guys are jealous of my gauntlets. Even with the price tag. Buy these. Your hands will thank you. I'd be happy to answer any questions if someone is still worried about their performance.