Rapier Maintenance Kit [MAINTKIT]

Rapier Maintenance Kit


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  • Kenneth Rogers - 10 Feb 2012

    I got my first blade from another supplier and after the first woods battle at pennsic it was 60% rust. Freaking out about my new blade the good folks at darkwood showed me how to care for it and everything i've ever needed was in this kit. Two years later and i haven't even gone through my first supply of the max wax. Great service, great product.

  • Paul Bengtsson - 29 Jan 2013

    A handy kit, though I actually think that good old mineral oil does the trick just as well and is also easier to apply to tricky parts of the sword such as the inside of the hilt on rapiers. Everything that is included is pretty much available for even less money elsewhere on the market, but if you want a start-up kit and don't care to go to a few stores to save a couple of bucks this kit definitely does the trick.