DA3S Spada Blade [DA3S]

DA3S Spada Blade


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  • Carl Fryday - 09 Mar 2014

    I purchased this blade specificly for doing Destreza in SCA C&T. It's good points are: 1. Perfect length as is (For me, YMMV) 2. Good flex, but it's not whippy. A few drawbacks are: 1. Even with a solid round pommel, it's a bit tip heavy 2. The thin edge profile sheds steel readily / takes nicks quickly. Overall, I believe it's an above average simulator and plays well in Destreza. It's a Exelent C&T blade, but may be better balanced with a heavier hilt, grip, and pommel set. I'll be buying more of this blade in the future and I highly recommend it to fighters I teach.