Welded Stainless Steel Maille Coifs [MAIL-COIF]

Welded Stainless Steel Maille Coifs


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  • Raymond Hamilton - 08 Dec 2009

    This product is very well made. It is comfortable and light. One may need an arming cap to protect the head from the maille while wearing a fencing mask or helm. Like the description says "It just looks cool".

  • Philipp Selman - 01 Jul 2013

    No one single piece of gear has made as noticeable a difference to my game as this maille coif, not even my maille tunic. First, there's the increased airflow around my head. The sheer comfort factor this affords me is enough to wax poetic about. Second, the ability for my body to release some heat, especially around my head, has had an amazing effect on my stamina, especially in the high humidity of a midwest heatwave. Finally, there's the increased ability to hear, which is a real bonus in general and an absolute godsend in melee. Put simply, I wouldn't even consider going back to a cloth hood again, and I doubt anyone who tried out a maille hood would either.