Economy hilt rapier

Economy hilt rapier


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  • Tirosh Shapira - 02 Jul 2014

    I bought DW's Economy hilt rapier (Pappenheimer style) about a month ago and here are my impressions: Pros: The sword is well built and is the best I could hope for in a $310 sword. The blade (DA2BR-42 inch) is amazing and seems like it will serve me well for a long time to come. In addition, and this is a personal preference, I kind of like the unpolished look of the hilt, especially on a training weapon. Cons: I found it difficult to keep the point on line with this one, compared to DW's Pappenheimer II I have previously used. The hand protection feels too far from the grip, compromising the great protection the Pappenheimer usually delivers plus moves a lot of the hilt's weight forward. Making the cup closer the the grip (accompanied by shortening the ricasso) might really help making this a truly formidable weapon. I wouldn't mind shorter (or S-shaped) quillons as well, as I feel they are creating a bit more centrifugal force then I want. Overall, a great weapon for the price, well built and great looking!