Economy hilt rapier

Economy hilt rapier


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  • John McKelvy - 11 Jan 2016

    Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase. I use the Pappenheimer for SCA rapier (not C & T) fencing, and it does well in that role. I have the 42" blade, and despite being long-ish compared to the weapons of the folks I train with, it is still responsive. It balances a lot better than the very common Hanwei 37" bladed swords. My only criticism is that the threaded part of the tang is not aligned true to the rest of the tang - it's off by. . . I dunno. . . 8 degrees or so? Enough to notice visually because the maple handle did not align with the knuckle bow. This does not affect usability at all. I actually quite like the unpolished finish. I have a castille arming sword in their chrome finish, and it's a lot less serious looking than this weapon.