DA4BA Backsword Blade

DA4BA Backsword Blade


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  • Angus Anderson - 15 May 2013

    I bought a 36" backsword blade to replace a sidesword blade that got the end whacked off in a heavy bout, for mounting in a Schiavona hilt. The new blade fits the hilt well, with enough ricasso on the lower edge to still allow fingering of the quillon. The balance is the same as the previous sidesword blade, or so similar I can't tell the difference. I used the blade for the first time recently in some stern Silver bouting, and to my surprise the blade was hardly notched at all; the difference is very noticeable compared to my previous sidesword blade, that accumulated deep notches after every vigorous fight. This is especially true along the thick back "edge". Due to the great balance of this blade, the way it still allows fingering of the quillon, and its obvious superior stamina compared to lighter sidesword blades, I reckon this is the top of the pops for single-handed sword blades, and for an additional $20 is well worth the money on any sword that'll take it.