Welded Stainless Steel Maille Shirt

Welded Stainless Steel Maille Shirt


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  • Garry Hurley Jr - 02 Jul 2014

    I ordered the tunic and am happy I did. This will cover me mostly down to my thighs (If I lose a little pizza and ice cream weight from the middle, maybe a little farther). This should be excellent protection for SCA fencing. Unfortunately, I bought it thinking I could use it for both fencing and heavy weapons. It does not look like it will resist blows from rattan combat by itself. Still, properly padded, and then covered with a steel (or plastic) breastplate or brigandine, it should perform well. It should make the transition between heavy and fencing very quick indeed. If you are just going to use this for fencing, it is fantastic. If you want heavy weapons protection, you will probably have to supplement it (or better yet, become very adept at blocking so you don't end up with broken ribs).