Shell Hilt Dagger

Shell Hilt Dagger


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  • Paul Bengtsson - 29 Jan 2013

    I bought the Shell Hilt Dagger and the Shell Hilt Pappenheimer to match, and they are a very beautiful couple. I got the pictured configuration though with the forward curved quillions, and I am completely satisfied. The shell actually offers more protection than you would think, as an opponent have to struggle to reach behind it, and it does nothing to disturb your hand movements. The forward curved quillions gives you the possibility to lock away your opponents sword. The dagger is very light weight and lies good in the hand but is still strong enough to successfully deflect any thrust from another rapier. Overall Darkwood Armory has managed to produce a weapon that is very useful and fashionable at the same time. I had some initial problem with the shipment, but these problem where quickly and honorably dealt with by Darkwood, thus negating any complaint I might have had about that.