Italian Dueling Saber- Hutton Style

Italian Dueling Saber- Hutton Style


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  • Steven Janus - 30 Oct 2013

    *Note, I have not sparred with this product yet. These are my initial impressions. It is not quite to the same standard as the economy line rapier, but none the less you get a good saber trainer. The only real issue I have is that there is no slot cut out for the sword on the guard to stop it from shifting right and left. The shift is extremely minimal and can be minimized by keeping the pommel nut tight. The guard is basic and very effective, seems to be either 16 gauge or 18 gauge steel. This weapon is weightless and handles exceptionally well. I do wish however the blade was a 1/4 inch wider at the forte to give it a bit more heft. Great weapon over all, could use some minor modifications like some kind of washer where the blade meets the guard and possibly a 3/4 inch wide blade at the base as an option. Great saber trainer for the money. Point of balance is about 3 inches. definitely thrust oriented but very cutting capable.