Italian Dueling Saber- Hutton Style

Italian Dueling Saber- Hutton Style


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  • Peter Angello - 24 Oct 2015

    This is a great sparring weapon, I use it weekly for sparring, however it does have its flaws. The biggest problem I have with it is the tip. If you are going to spar with it you NEED to get some kind of cover to make it safe (We use spent shell casings, they're cheap and super safe because you know the tip won't accidentally poke through!) because the tip could be very dangerous. Ideally this sword should have a rolled tip. Also I do wish the blade was a little thicker, and the grip was of some kind of leather rather than cord, but that is more of a want then a need. Other than that a really great training tool that can take a serious beating. Not everyone in my group has their own steel sword so mine is used in pretty much every sparring match we do and it holds up great. Highly recommend.