Spanish Destreza Training Sword

Spanish Destreza Training Sword


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  • Ryan May - 01 Dec 2017

    Iíve been using a DA Destreza for the last two years and overall Iím impressed with its performance, but I do have a few minor criticisms. My issues with the sword is that if youíre wearing Red Dragon or similar gloves, the size of the knuckle bow is restrictive. Given that the furniture is also made out of mild steel, it only took a few bouts for it to be bent towards the pommel and made it slightly more restrictive. When I purchased mine the edges of the blade werenít rounded and I had to spend 45min with a rough file rounding them off. Besides those criticisms, the sword is amazing. Itís very flexible in the foible which makes it safer for thrusting and nice and stiff in the forte for parrying. It feels nice in the hand and the heavy pommel brings the balance nice and close to the hand for good point control.