Blocking dagger (Reaver dagger)

Blocking dagger (Reaver dagger)


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  • Rob Runacres - 25 Jun 2009

    I had been looking for a dagger that covered the knuckles, but did not like the main gauche hilt. The dagger had to take some battering and I wanted a longer blade than the normal 12” to 14”. The Reiver dagger seemed to fit and I had bought a sword from Scott the previous year, Darkwood being the preferred supplier for the School of the Sword. Scott was very quick to answer all my questions and I ended up ordering the dagger with an 18” Darkwood blade, a closed port and flared, forward facing quillions. I have used the dagger in rapier and dagger and sidesword and dagger exchanges, finding it to be light, quick in the hand and very strong, the blade and guard taking heavy blows. It’s a really lovely, ‘working’ piece and thoroughly recommended for anyone wanting a little more protection from a dagger.