Blocking dagger (Reaver dagger)

Blocking dagger (Reaver dagger)


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  • Aaron Chusid - 07 Dec 2013

    My wife got this for my birthday about 4 years ago, and it remains my favorite and most-used practice weapon. I'm left-handed, so technically I'm using this backwards, but I love how the guard grips my hand snuggly without binding, and provides protection without excessive weight or reducing mobility. The standard blade is a bit short compared to many used in the SCA, but I like the length. It's sufficient for parrying, provides great leverage, and is incredible for in-fighting. I wouldn't want a longer blade on it. The guard...the guard calls out for punching. It really wants to pommel strike someone. I do not recommend doing this, though, without prior authorization. My favorite feature, though, are the quillions. They are slightly forward-swept and they bite - hard - on any blade that doesn't run away fast enough. Not bind; not trap...BITE. Meaning I can hold your sword in my dagger with complete security and release instantly when I'm ready without fear of damaging your blade. Overall construction is very solid. Mine has collected a series of scratches and nicks, but nothing beyond cosmetic. And considering how I use and abuse it, that's pretty impressive. Love this dagger. Only reason I would tell you not to get one is I don't want to give up the advantage it gives me!