Fencing Mask


  • Caleb Switzer - 01 Feb 2016

    This is an excellent budget mask. The sizing is excellent. The medium fits me well, but I have to tighten the back strap, but the small is too small for me. My wife got the small and she loves it.With a overlay this mask looks pleasing and stands up against thrusts and cuts with no problem. Of course, I've only had it for a month. Sadly, the interior padding is already wearing off. If you have the PBT gorget make sure to take the patch off the front because the stitching shreds the interior. I fear it will break and the padding will fall out. I have a beard and at first I thought my beard was wearing off the interior, it was a good joke, but realistically the gorget tears it up. It catches any velcro and is slowly tearing. I'll have to find something to replace it with. If it wasn't for the weak interior bib, I would have given this a 5 star. Mind, I know several other fencers who have this mask but are not experiencing an issue. I presume it is because they don't have a beard. Thanks, Caleb