Ring Hilt with Shell Plates

Ring Hilt with Shell Plates


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  • David Kelly - 26 May 2009

    This is my first Darkwood. I have a Hanwei Vasa rapier. The Hanwei is quite elegant, to the point that it handles more like a small sword; the blade is ahistorically lively. I wanted this sword to be a solid late period full guard fighter. Elected to use the 45 inch bated blade, double wire wrapped grip, and was persuaded to try the barrel pommel. Visually this is a magnificent piece. It is 50 inches tall without the point plug. Balance is very good, but at this size the sword is also very slow. Price of all the boiler plate. As I have become more familiar with this site I found out I missed a few options. I could have got a fullered blade. That would help in downsizing. Also will probably experiment with a smaller pommel. Darkwood had very generously offered a cylinder pommel to try. Biggest problem with the barrel is assuming a fencing grip that draws the wrist into the sword. I've called this wonderful rapier a 4star ranker because of some technical issues, however it is a very realistic and fencible weapon. Has a great "wow" factor when you show it off also.