Basic Training Longsword

Basic Training Longsword


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  • GERALD SIMMONS - 12 Feb 2014

    Light in the hands and can flow very well. Keep the title in mind, basic training longsword..... the second time I was using it the part of the tang where the pommel threads on to, bent. Doing SCA Cut and Thrust I have received several deep nicks in the blade. The blade itself is very flexible and it will start to flex prior to my DA3 Spada blade. The blade passes the Heavy Rapier blade requirements without a sweat. The leather handle that came on the sword took a hit and was cut open. I took the leather off and dyed the cord underneath. It is well worth the money but if you are doing HEMA or WMA look at their federschwert, it will suit your purposes much more. I am happy with the product and for the money it is hard to beat. I will be getting the Messer and the Feder next.