Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns

We do not charge your credit card until everything is in a box and ready to go. That way we can take into account any changes or tweaks necessary to make it the best order possible.

If you have a request for faster shipping, please call us 601-518-3508 between 8am and noon and try to talk to a human being. Please leave a message with a return-call time and we'll call back... someone is in the shop until 6 CST most nights, but we can't hear the phone over the machinery.

We are happy to accommodate shipping needs, but please realize that a FedEx standard sword-size box will probably cost more than $60 to ship 2-day and over $100 more to ship overnight. US Post is often more than FedEx. We do not have a UPS or DHL shipping option.    

Domestic shipping over 3 lbs will be by FedEx Ground unless arrangements have been made in advance. 

Domestic shipping by US Postal Service is available for many items under 2 lbs and may be used for shipment to Alaska, Hawaii, and most APO's. Under 1 lb is always by US Priority Post. 

International shipping is by US Priority Postal Service as this is the most inexpensive method. 

Thank you!