Frequently asked questions

What Steel do you use for your blades and guards?  

We use 5160 hardened to Rc 51 +or- 2 for our blades. 
Guards and pommels are made of 1018 (mild steel)

What Steel do you use for your Armor?

We use 1050 spring steel and 410 stainless spring steel.

How do you measure blade length?

Blade length is measured from the shoulders of the blade at the tang to the tip. The shoulders of the blade should fit right to the quillon block making the quillons the natural end of the blade. Thus a 42" blade  with a 2" ricasso is still 42" and will typically project about 40" from the front of the guard. 

How long does it take to get a made to order item?

It typically take about 2 weeks to get through the production cycle with a made to order hilt. Some types of hilts may take as much as 5-6 weeks to be finished and mounted for shipping. This varies and depends on where in the part cycle the order falls. If all the parts are available to begin production then obviously the project will be quicker. The more options that are chosen, typically, the longer the order may take to get through the production cycle.