We are currently not taking much custom work. We will consider looking at custom projects from established customers on a case by case basis. Custom work requires design time, communication time, practice and care to complete. One can typically expect to pay 3x the cost of the nearest stock or made to order item.

What is custom?

Custom work involves using new techniques and ornamentation styles or changes to the shape of the quillons. We will consider changes to the pierce work pattern, changes to bar arrangement, and some minor forging when we look at your project to determine whether or not to take on your commission. The more of our currently produced parts we can use without new design work, the more likely we will be to take on a custom project. 

What is made to order?

Made to order involves using parts that are currently being produced to build a project. This means that the project can be fed into the normal production line with little disruption or special training and oversight. This means that we can produce a very specific style of with a number of options to choose from so that your piece is unique from those in your area.

What about other customization on a stock piece?

We are capable of using a variety of techniques to enhance our currently produced items, these include engraving, both rotary and carved, etching, plating, file work, inlay, polishing, coloring and others options. Many of these techniques are time consuming and expensive, but if you have e budget then we will try to accommodate you.